What does it mean to be Team CHE?

Written by Stephen Scoggins

May 10, 2018


We may be a little biased, but Team CHE (yeah, like those people right up there in the picture) is pretty amazing! Here at The CHE Companies we like to say it’s our values and our commitment to excellence that make our team great, however, it’s really the integrity that lies within each team member that makes The CHE Companies great.

So, that picture you see represents more than 20 members of Team CHE volunteering on Ply Gem’s Home for Good Project with Habitat for Humanity of Wake County. What you don’t see is the, more than 20, team members running the show back in our corporate office and out in the field markets who kept our services running as usual, allowing us to give back to our community.

What you also do not see is that we had so many on-site volunteers, we were able to take over a second project site’s siding, allowing the other volunteers to move forward with more projects on the home. Not one team member contributed to receive a “thank you”. Not one team member wants recognition. But every single person deserves a shout out for being the reason The CHE Companies is second to none and can serve our community and service our customers with relentless effort to be the best choice… period.

We encourage you to follow along with us on social media as we begin our spotlight campaign on our team members and our crews. We invite you to get to know Team CHE.

As we mentioned, our most recent community project was partnered with Ply Gem’s Home for Good Project. In one week Ply Gem worked with Habitat for Humanity of Wake County to remodel and fix five home exteriors in Raleigh that were in need of critical repairs, ensuring the homeowners have a safe, efficient and affordable home in which to live. We were able to repair and reside Ms. Lamartiniere’s (pictured to the left with The CHE Companies’ Owner and Founder, Stephen Scoggins) home near downtown Raleigh. It was an amazing transformation.

Click here to learn more about Ply Gem’s Home for Good Project and how they are making a difference in America’s affordable housing crisis.


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