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August 7, 2020

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Custom Home Exteriors founder Stephen Scoggins recently appeared in an article on The think piece, titled “Being Bored is the Best Thing That Can Happen to You”, is about the impact of boredom on success. published the article on July 11, 2020. It discussed the surprising benefits of boredom on your creativity and self-awareness. The post featured takeaways from Manoush Zomorodi, author of the bestselling book Bored and Brilliant. Zomorodi claims that our imagination works harder than ever when we’re bored.

Why Boredom Can Make You Successful 

In the piece, the CHE Founder shared how boredom during the lowest point in his life helped him reach self-realization. Homeless and living out of his car, Mr. Scoggins had an epiphany about his situation:

“The homelessness…came down to [me] not admitting my wrongs…As my opinion of myself changed, my ability to think of bigger ideas and a bigger life became clearer.”

Stephen explained that he purposefully sets apart time in his day to be bored. This helps the CHE founder reflect. He calls this his “creative time”, and shared that this is when his best thoughts and questions tend to arise. Some of these questions are about how CHE and The Journey Principles Institute can better serve their customers. Others are more philosophical, like how to eliminate fear from his organizations.

How to Practice Boredom

To practice boredom, Stephen recommended spending half an hour of time outside without your phone each day. He also recommends driving in the car without music, radio, or audiobooks.

More Information

Josh Womack wrote the original article for Josh is a head writer for the Entrepreneurship Leadership Network. also picked up the piece. Ladders is a recruitment and career advice website designed to help businesses and driven candidates find each other. You can find that post here.

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