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Do You Struggle With Hiring a Contractor?


Knowing the work you actually need to be done?


Knowing what you are actually investing in?


About what happens a year or more after the work is done?


How do I keep from paying before all the work is actually complete?


How long the project should really take?


Is the contractor certified, licensed or accredited?


Can I trust their references?


Is their experience sufficient for the work I need to be done?


How am I going to pay for the work?

Custom Home Exteriors Inc

Is Committed to Guiding You From Start to Finish

Step 1

Needs Assessment

Your needs assessment will be just that – we don’t do high-pressure sales. Our goal is to create a trusted friend for life. We will help you by bringing construction terms down from the clouds and explaining the “WHY” behind the recommendations we bring to you. 

Step 2

Strategic Plan

CHE will guide you through a step-by-step plan of expectations before we start the work to help you hold us accountable to our mutual goals. Your timelines, products, and service will be clearly defined before we start. 

Step 3

Financial Solutions

Whether you want to pay from a personal account or you need financing, we’re here to help!

Step 4

Online Portal

Have the pulse of your project from the comfort of your own home or workplace. We know you need to focus on your family, and we can handle the stress of getting your project completed on time and on budget. 

How Can We Serve You?

New Siding Options:

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New Roofing Options:

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New Exterior Painting Options:

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What Makes CHE Different?

Humble Beginnings Equals a Purity of Heart

We Started with a Tool Belt and a Handshake

When you’ve had to work as hard as we have, the value of owning a home becomes deeply ingrained. This heightened appreciation has led us to think outside the box to create methods to make things much easier on the homeowner. We know you’re counting on us to be professionals at what we do, so you can focus on the priorities of your life. As a result, we take precautions to make sure that balls are not dropped, and clients are not disappointed.

Team CHE knows you want someone who shows up on time, takes off their shoes when entering the house, and simply does what they say they’re going to do when they’re supposed to do it. In addition, we know that if there’s a problem, you want a contractor who will attack it rather than run for the hills.

It’s Simple, We Treat You How We Want to Be Treated!