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Since Custom Home Exteriors was founded over twenty years ago, we have put our clients’ needs first. We know what it’s like to be pressured into decisions; we know what it’s like to wait for hours only to have no one show; and we know what it’s like to feel like your needs were never heard. We know there are options out there to re-side your home and we won’t claim to be perfect, but we’ll follow through to make sure you get a home that adds value to your life, without breaking the bank.

“Good; Better; Best. Never Let It Rest. Until Your Good is Better and your Better is Best.”
– Tim Duncan

A Consistent, Reliable Process Developed Over 20+ Years

Our secret sauce is the deep care of a team of team members and the process that allows us to treat you how we want to be treated. A remodeling project can go horribly wrong adding days, weeks, or even months of frustration. This is because there is no continuous improvement process that allows for a well-thought-out framework to follow.

Our Team and Process are here to guide you toward the complete success of your goals and design aspirations.  If you want to understand more about our process simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we would be glad to explain.

Here Are Just a Few American-Made Quality Products That Make The Difference

Affordable Vinyl Siding Solutions

Gaining lasting security and custom curb appeal doesn’t have to break the bank. We specialize in customizing a plan to give your home the details it needs to set yourself apart with Premium Grade Vinyl siding that can be rated for up to 253 rated wind gusts – that’s hurricane velocity winds – plus over 30 designer colors to choose from!

Engineered for Climate | James Hardie Building Products

Fiber Cement Siding has been one of our best products for over two decades and one of our top partners, with more James Hardie Installations than anyone else in the the country, Custom Home Exteriors has mastered the art of giving you more for less. Let us help you plan your installation to maximize your hopes, goals, and dreams to re-side your home with security and distinction.

ColorPlus® Technology: The Best in The Business

The Best Solution for any Home is ColorPlus® Technology by James Hardie Building Products. ColorPlus® technology is delivered straight to your site with a 3 phase factory baked-in finish, far outlasting any painted home on the market. A ColorPlus® has the durability of fiber cement with a beautiful array of colors, designs, and security that you deserve.  It’s time to pull into your driveway at the end of a long day, relax, unwind, and simply enjoy your home. Let go of the anxiety that comes with the constant maintenance of loose ends. Name your style and let Custom Home Exteriors Residential give you the design and peace of mind you deserve.