Caring and Considerate

The ‘No-Stress’ Way To Get Siding, Roofing & Windows In Raleigh – Durham

Professionalism is Easy to Feel When it’s Real


When it’s time to replace the siding or windows on your Custom Home Exteriors home, the professionalism of the company you select will have a lasting effect on your experience, your home, and the overall quality of your installations.

At Custom Home Exteriors, our Caring and Considerate approach is in our DNA. It is what drives every aspect of our performance. Here are the 3 foundational ways to truly experience professionalism:

Step 1 – Products – We’re very selective about the brands we sell and install. So, we only deal with proven manufacturers that stand behind their products. Because of our 20+ years of experience, we know what products provide the best long-term value for durability, beauty, and energy efficiency.

Step 2 – People – Many exterior service companies are driven by sales. However, we are driven by relationships. We want to be your highly relational solution, with genuine CHE team members to serve your needs. Our team of professionals is knowledgeable advisors, experienced project managers, and well-trained, expert installers. Everyone is a team member of Custom Home Exteriors, Inc., or a closely held associate.

Step 3 – Process – In order to achieve high levels of results time after time, a siding, roofing, and window company should have a simple, repeatable process. As a result, Team CHE’s process works every time to get projects done with excellence. If you’d like to see the process we use, fully mapped out and explained, please feel free to visit our office, or ask about it directly when we are visiting.

Our Products, People, and Process are all in accordance with the highest standards of excellence, professionalism, and genuine care. This is our commitment to you at Custom Home Exteriors Inc. We’d be humbled and honored to meet with you and have you experience this for yourself.

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