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Do You Think You Have What It Takes?

Do you believe in “Excellence in The Ordinary”?

Before you say yes, there is something you should know. We believe in excellence in the ordinary, We believe that every day is Super Bowl day and our team is our greatest gift. No matter the role a team member plays it is pivotal and we are doing work that matters because we also are firm believers of giving back. We lead with words like faith, integrity, passion, and commitment.

Our Team Expresses The Following Daily

  1. Hungry – Hunger comes from a passion to do every activity in a role with excellence.
  2. Humble – Removes the need to put others down to raise yourself up.
  3. Smart – Smart for us means you are coming in to actively learning to be a better version of yourself for the team, your family,  and your creator.

We Don’t Believe In:

  1. Gossip
  2. Running Others Over
  3. Laziness
  4. Unresolved Conflicts
  5.  Giving anything less than your best
  6.  Mistreating our valued clients

We Do Believe In:

  1. Family
  2. Faith
  3. Perseverance
  4. Work That Matters
  5. Diligence
  6. Commitment

If This Doesn’t Speak to Your Heart Please Do Not Apply!

If It Does Then We Have Been Waiting For You! 

Exterior Services Estimator

Estimators are the front end of our business and must have a detailed, but productive mindset with quality interpersonal relationship skills.  Estimators do, at times, engage with our client base and must be highly professional with a welcoming personality.  Starting compensation is determined based on the candidate’s level of experience in estimating within the exterior services category.

Production Coordinators

Production Coordinators spend a great deal of time setting up our team for success by funneling important information to required places throughout the team. The role is best suited for hungry, humble, and smart administration skilled team members.  They must have a substantial working knowledge of computers, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Nav, and web-based platform skills.

Job Staging Coordinator | Purchasing Agent

Job Staging Coordinator must have a detailed but productive mindset with quality interpersonal relationship skills. Job Staging Coordinator engages with our field team personnel and is the direct liason between our field staff and material provider.  The position must be highly professional with a welcoming personality. Starting compensation will be based on the candidate’s level of experience in job staging within the exterior services category.

Fabrication Specialist

Fabrication Specialists are key components to our client completion metrics. They enjoy building and fabricating decorative accents and take a great deal of pride in the excellence of their work. They possess strong interpersonal skills and take detailed inventory of build cycles, job successes, and losses due to rebuilds.

Delivery and Return Specialist

Delivery and Return Specialists must have a detailed but productive mindset with quality interpersonal relationship skills. They are the lifeblood of supplying our clients and team with excellence. They must have a clean driving record and be able to lift more than 75lbs comfortably on a regular basis. They know and understand the team is depending on them to make sure products are where they are needed in ordered to hit our schedules.

Field Services Director (“A Spartan”)

Our Field Services Directors are better known as the CHE Spartans. Spartans work together for the greater good of those they are meant to protect. They are well trained and deal with stress, accountability, responsibility, and company standards with an absolute passion for excellence in the ordinary.  A CHE Spartan is a solider dedicated to holding the line on cost, control and quality.

Accounting Specialist

Our accounting team is second to none with a commitment to maximizing the GAAP accounting method for the business. They help us stay on track with committed timely reporting and help the company close the line on preventive systems to limit waste or fraud. They are detail minded with a keen eye for numbers, processes, systems and high-quality relationships.

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