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At The CHE Companies, we are passionate about exceeding expectations in quality of workmanship, client service, and project efficiency. We believe our success in the marketplace is only measured by the successes and reputations of our clients. We refuse to sacrifice excellence in any situation. We are leading the way in exterior service needs. We are pacesetters. We are Team CHE and we are here to serve you!

From humble beginnings in 1998 to the market-leading pioneers of today, Custom Home Exteriors continues its dedication to the relentless pursuit of innovation and service excellence in the commercial and residential exteriors and siding marketplace.

The story of our founder, Stephen Scoggins, and how CHE came-to-be is an inspirational story in itself, find out more in Our Story.


On a typically cool winter afternoon in eastern North Carolina, CHE founder Stephen Scoggins met the man that would inevitably change the trajectory of his future. The late Steve Myrick, of Myrick Construction, offered a young and once troubled Stephen Scoggins a chance to prove his worth. While Stephen was installing a garage door jamb as part of a work crew on one of Myrick Construction’s job sites, he learned Steve needed help getting a home completed on time for a client. With only a tool belt and a relentless heart, Stephen offered to finish the home for him, and Steve accepted. What came next was a life-long relationship, not only as a client but as a mentor. Steve’s influence took Stephen from homelessness and living in his car, to building himself and an unimaginably successful business, while also investing into the growth and personal development of others. This is a story about how faith and a relentless determination can become the foundation for excellence in yourself and others. This is our story.

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Finishing the job wasn’t easy for Stephen Scoggins. At barely 22, he was living out of his car and stuck in a hamster wheel of indecision and bad choices. Armed with only a tool belt, a handshake agreement, and the knowledge that he could not let down a client, Stephen started Custom Home Exteriors (now affectionately known as CHE). Stephen also discovered the power of a team and the value of teamwork as CHE grew. The team took the vision and passionate pursuit of excellence and magnified it into a market-leading reality. It is this grit and determination upon which CHE was founded and continues to be the most valuable asset of the organization. We will do what it takes to get the job done, to get the job done right, and not to let down a client. The CHE team is passionately committed to service excellence and continues to lead the way in exterior service needs.

CHE quickly grew into a market front-runner armed with the commitment to siding excellence starting with all types of vinyl siding, fiber-cement siding, and most recently masonry siding options such as stone and brick. With technical expertise second to none, what CHE really became known for is their ability to service clients at scale but with a humble heart for service.

In 2015, The CHE Companies was formed to encompass Custom Home Exteriors, Inc. and CHE Commercial. Custom Home Exteriors now focuses solely on residential cladding installations, and CHE Commercial focuses on commercial projects such as apartment buildings, restaurants, and other business facilities. To this day, The CHE Companies, Custom Home Exteriors, Inc., and CHE Commercial remain dedicated to the relentless pursuit of innovation and serving the market in siding and exterior excellence. The same commitment Stephen made to Steve Myrick that day back in 1998, still extends to every client today. We will not let you down.

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If you are in need of an exterior company who is passionate about service, quality and capacity we would love to hear from you. We welcome learning more about your exterior needs and look forward to showing you how CHE would be an asset to your project team.

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If you are passionate about serving others with a spirit of excellence in all you do and want to be part of an amazing team we invite you to discover if Team CHE is right for you.